Oil & Gas
(America's Hydrocarbons)
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
Circa 1918
"Deep In The Heart Of
Texas II"
Image size 22" x 28" on
26" x 32" sheet
Retail - $45.
Larger format from
"Deep In The Heart Of
Texas" original print
allows primary focus on
the painting without
perimeter memorabilia.
"Triple Play"
24" x 30"
signed / $45.
"Deep In The Heart
Of Texas"
24" x 30"
signed/ $45.
"Now & Then"
reformated to
24" x 30" -$45.00
The winning spirit of
Texas has made the oil
and gas industry in Texas
what it is today, a way that
benefits all.
Description: Oil wagon on
the way to a cable-tool rig
on the open spaces of
Texas. Early pump-jack to
the far right. Hint of
bluebonnet fields, workers
tents, steam boiler and a
Texas longhorn looking on
at the passing wagon as it
heads around a deep
A peaceful setting of the
early days. Lower border
area has 6 early oil/gas
photos to the right and left
of the Texas Oil & Gas
Historical Series seal.
26" x 36"
Celebrates the and gas
industry beginning August
2008 and through 2009.
96 Antique gas pump globes
40 Early oil and gas
with dates
67 Early Texas oil centers
44 Historical oil & gas events
Central painting depicts
circa 1920 oil field ( angled
gusher inspired by 1901
Spindletop )
"Texas Fields"
(circa 1900)
24" x 30"
Retail $45.
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
The Barnett
players around
an 1890
cable-tool rig.
"The Working Man"
24" x 30"
Ret, $45.
This art work depicts the
working man fishing
with pole tools on an
1895 cable tool rig. The
picture contains most of
the tools shown
graphically in the border
area. The text in the
lower portion of the print
gives a very detailed
account of how fishing
with pole tools is
"Planning For Gold On Black Gold
24" x 38"  Retail: $48.
"Legacy & Legends"30" x 24"
Retail - $45.
Commemorates the oil and
gas business showing a
detailed cable-tool rig with
parts; and company logos of
today that are involved in
carrying on the legacy. The
main art shows an early oil
field with a gusher being
heralded in by a cowboy on
"Stars Of Texas"
size: 24" x 30"
Celebrating Texas' oil and gas
industry from 1866 to 2009,
this print gives overview
details of many historical
events in Texas history. Early
Texas oil centers with years
developed, drill bits from
1955 to today, drawings of
early equipment, gas pumps
with that incredible price of
25 cents per gallon, to the
companies of today who work
to continue the legacy of the
great state of Texas; all
surrounding an early Texas oil
field artwork bordered by
historic photos subtle in the
24" x 36"
Retail: $48.
"Historic Ventures"
Pumping Power of 1920-30
24" x 36"
General Description Of
"Historic Ventures"
(sub-titled "Pumping Power
of 1900 -1930,Then & Now)
is the second oil & gas
history print for 2010. The
central art depicts an oil
field in the 1920s using the
eccentric central power
system. The two
photographs on both sides
of the center art shows
early rigs in their finest
wood construction. The
border shows the oil
producing states with the
year production started in
the respective state and 21
early oil & gas company
stock certificates with
antique oil cans in the
midst.  Patent drawings of
drill bits and "drilling
apparatus" rigs in the
The logos of 'today'
companies serve by
comparison the "Now" with
the "Then" of beginning
companies of early 20th
Each print is checked and
signed personally by the
artist, Gary Crouch.
The print is printed on a
six-color press using the
finest stock in North
America by most accounts,
Centura Silk 100# cover
Independent Oil
(Well I'll Be...)
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
"Eagle Ford"
24" x 30"